Mind Bending Language Crash Course

Here’s a little crash-course on advanced Mind Bending Language. There’s a lot of powerful information in these 3 videos. The first video will start automatically, please give the other two videos a minute to load after you press “play”…Enjoy!

The Myth of “Confusion” and the Power to Influence…

Some schools of hypnosis suggest that by putting someone in a state of “confusion” you can slip in your suggestions. While there is some truth to it, we often sound like wierdos during the act of creating this confusion, and our goal (to influence) slips away.

Here’s a more elegant (in my opinion) way to think about creating a space for new ideas to enter someone’s mind…

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Mind-Bending Power Words…

Mind bending language is about taking someone from where they are NOW (stuck, stubborn, fearful, desparate, angry, neutral) to another “place” in their mind. A place where they have more options, and in the case of persuasion,  a place where YOUR ideas make a lot more sense than they did a moment ago.

To use language in this way, there are certain “Power Words” (Or “Predicates”) that act as the glue for Mind Bending Language. Once you have these power words at your disposal, spinning off compelling mind bending language becomes possible.

This video represents an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to using Mind Bending Language for yourself.

Grab a friend or call one on the phone for a bit of fun, and do your best to follow along.

This is very easy to do, and you’ll notice how your OWN mind starts bending near the end.

A bent mind is a good thing :) Once you know how it feels to be “moved” to a place of “infinite possibilities” you’ll be better able to guide other people there.

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Here are the Power Words listed out for you to practice:

“Space” power words


“Time” Power Words


“Energy” Power Words

To the Extent

“Matter” Power Words


Your First Mind-Bending Conversation…

Now you put everything you just learned together. This is your first step towards real-life Mind Bending mastery.

Remember – this is a practice session.

You may need to do this a few times before it becomes natural. But by simply watching (and doing) these easy exercises, you’ve already taken an incredible step forward.

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I hope you got a lot out of that.

Let me know what you think – Please leave your comments and feedback below…